Ottilie Bell

“So, by no means is this an easy post for me to write. But at the same time, necessary. ⠀⠀
Having always been someone that couldn’t care less about my weight; living in blissful ignorance, surrounded by cream cakes and biscuits and my un-used gym membership (the former me went three times in a year 😆), this genuinely has been a hard, but incredible journey. One that I truly couldn’t have and certainly wouldn’t have done without Adam by my side for every step of it. ⠀⠀
Really, the pictures speak for themselves. Both me; but the first set consisting of me being unhappy, neglecting myself, being mentally affected too and really, just being stuck in an unhealthy, unhelpful cycle. After a chat with Adam, he came with me for my gym induction and never once pushed or forced ‘his way of life’ on to me. If anything, only guiding me from afar, making me understand it needed to be my decision and assuring me that whatever the outcome, he’d be there as my encourager.

With his support, I’ve gone from never stepping foot in a gym, refusing to walk (still sometimes acting in the same way – it isn’t a miracle story, after all 😝), being genuinely lazy, to actually enjoying the gym and going 3-5 times a week, smashing PBs and lifting the heaviest weights I wouldn’t have even previously dreamed of!

Not only have I now lost over two and a half stone and three dress sizes, but my energy levels, outlook on life, exercise and general happiness have improved. The mental improvements have actually come to outweigh the physical-weight side of it all. That’s just become a happy, added bonus!

Biased viewpoint aside, Adam’s dedication, love for what he does, constant support and most importantly; knowledge, really did see me through. The balance of exercise and nutritional knowledge really have enabled me to overcome so many obstacles on this journey to health and happiness.

*Hand on heart, if he can help this reluctant, ignorant, stubborn sugar-fiend, I genuinely believe he can help anyone!

Nonthiya tangmo clifford In her own words On the left are pictures from end of September 2016 and on the right are July 2017. It’s only 7 months difference but it’s still progress! Thanks to @adamparkerpt my PT for writing my programmes and getting me to a 100kg deadlift! 🏋🏾‍♀️Lifting heavy weights does not mean you will get bulky… 💪🏽I haven’t lost weight, I’ve actually gained weight and I’m now a healthy 55kg ☺️.

P.s Shout out to my ex boyfriend that nicknamed me “beached whale” and made me body conscious and made me run on a treadmill for hours at midnight every night. I can probably lift more than you now 👌🏽..

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Ottilie Bell
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