With my 1:1 sessions, I am very methodical and thorough. Firstly, I will conduct a consultation (free of charge) to find out what your goals and aspirations are and how we can achieve them together.

Personal Training

What will I get for 1:1 training?


I will use our first session to do a full assessment of your current fitness level, strength, balance, range of movement, and flexibility. From there, I will create you a personalised, bespoke training plan, that you will work through with me and whilst training independently. If you are a client of mine, you will never be left in the dark; as I will be accessible on a client WhatsApp from 8am until 7pm daily.

I am currently based at The Mailbox, in Stockport and also at the Kettlebell Club in Sheffield (Saturdays only)

If you want a trainer who will get you the best results, but one who isn’t a drill sergeant, then I’m your guy! I will be the best personal investment you ever made for yourself!

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