Whether you are well on the way with your fitness journey or feel like you don’t need a PT breathing down your neck every 5 minutes, then this is the fitness avenue for you!


What will you receive?


Within your rolling monthly coaching you will receive:

  • Bespoke training and diet plans and monthly plans that can be adjusted (even as frequently as weekly, if needed)
  • Weekly check-in sheet for you to fill in with achievements and any questions you have about your weeks’ programme
  • Supplement profiling – suggestions are given for supplements that are bespoke to your journey and development
  • Daily access to WhatsApp communication between you and myself (from 8 to 5pm)
  • Monthly Zoom review, monthly review of your performance and mutual agreement of next plans and future goal setting

2 months notice needed to cancel rolling contract, with a minimum starting contract of 2 months

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Success Stories

Ottilie Bell
Stuck in a unhealthy, unhelpful cycle
Weight Loss
Increased muscle tone